Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about our Surin tour

When do the Surin Liveaboard Tours operate?

Tours to the Surin Islands can only operate when the Mu Ko Surin Marine National Park is open from 15th October to 15th May each year. Exact tour dates are also subject to weather conditions.

What is included in the Surin tour?

All the following is included, except the National Park fee (500 Baht per person):

  • Food, drinking water, tea and coffee
  • Accommodation on the boat
  • High quality snorkeling equipment
  • Experienced English speaking guide
  • TAT insurance levy
  • All transfers in the Khao Lak area

What should I bring?

You don’t need a lot, but please bring:

  • Sun lotion (waterproof and marine-friendly sun block is best)
  • An extra T-shirt and long shorts to snorkel in (as the sun is very strong)
  • A protective sun hat or cap
  • Swimwear
  • Change of clothes and basic toiletries
  • Polarized sun glasses are also handy
  • A book or magazine (phone coverage is unreliable at best)
  • Cash (for the mini-bar, souvenirs from the Moken village, and tips for the crew)
NB: Please bring just the bare essentials to avoid cluttering up the main cabin. Thank you!

Can children go on the Surin Island liveaboard tour?

Children from the age of six and up are welcome to join our Surin Island tour. Please keep in mind that as a parent, you will be solely responsible for your children while on the boat.

What time do we leave and return to port?

The tour starts from Khao Lak before 07:00 on day one (we serve breakfast on the boat) and we return to Khao Lak at around 18:00 on day three. To save time and spend more time at Surin, we take a mini bus to Kuraburi where the boat is anchored.

What marine life will I see at the Surin Islands?

When sea and wind conditions are favorable, the Surin Islands’ shallow reefs and crystal clear water can offer up to 20m-30m of visibility. You will encounter a great diversity of marine life when snorkeling but no specific sightings can be guaranteed of course. Fortunately, snorkeling from a liveaboard boat for several days, significantly increases the likelihood of seeing less common species, like sea turtles and dolphins. The typical marine species you may see include:

-Reef fish, e.g. Angel fish, Butterfly fish, Surgeon fish, Parrot fish, Rabbit fish, and Anemone or Clown fish (more commonly known as Nemos)
-Sharks, e.g. Leopard, Black-tip, and White-tip sharks; both adults and juveniles
-Sea snakes and Moray eels
-Endangered turtle species like the Green or Hawksbill
-Various dolphin species
-Invertebrates, e.g. Pipe fish, various Sea Stars, Nudibranches & Christmas tree worms, and giant clams
-Crustaceans, e.g. lobster, crabs and shrimps
– Rays, e.g. Jenkins whiprays and Blue-spotted stingrays

On rare occasions, even Whale Sharks can be sighted (during January to May) and giant Oceanic Manta Rays from early December to the end of April.

Can I pay using my credit card?

Yes, we accept Visa and MasterCard, but there will be a bank surcharge of 4% on your bill. There are banks and ATMs in the area.

Is there phone coverage or wifi on the boat?

A very weak AIS and DTAC phone signal is sometimes available at Surin but cannot be guaranteed. True Move have no signal at Surin Islands. There is no wifi available on the boat and only intermittently on the main island.

Do you cater for vegetarians and people with food allergies?

We do cater to people with special food requests, just make sure to tell us in advance when you are booking and please remind us on the day of your arrival.

Boat information

Our boat, the ”Choke Duang Ta” was  custom-designed and built by us for snorkeling trips. She is 16 meters long and 4 meters wide. We take a maximum of just 17 passengers and a crew of five: Captain, first mate, Western English-speaking guide, and two cooks.

She is equipped with a  powerful six cylinder, 16-litre diesel engine, hydraulic marine gearbox, hydraulic steering, two western toilets with a septic tank, fresh water shower, state-of-the-art satellite navigation, depth finder and two-way radio. She carries 1600 litres of fresh water for the shower and 500 litres of diesel. We have life jackets and a small boat with outboard engine to bring you in to the beach. And at night when we run the 220 V generator so you can charge batteries.

She is licensed by the Harbour Department, the Tourist Authority of Thailand and the National Park and all passengers are insured. The biggest change we made over the years is to the sleeping area. We have installed air conditioning and it’s a lot bigger, with wide bunks for sleeping. There are five double bunks and seven single. But for those who want to, it’s still possible to sleep out under the stars!